Police Interviews

The Bridges (neighbors) 

Both of them are very old and were sleeping at the time of the blaze. They noticed the fire in the morning when they woke up because the smell was quite important. 

They have known the family for a very long time and were not surprised to hear that the Bridges were into trouble again. 

1980 - Were witnesses in the case of Pearl B.

it should not be necessary to hear from them again.

Police Interview

Buddy Brooks

(husband of Sally - Father of George/Tina/Paul)

2002 - Buddy knew Sally as their were living in the same neighborhood. he liked her but was scared because of the stories people were telling about her. 

2004 - Buddy was arrested for possession of drugs and consumption. 

2006 - Second arrest for drug possession. Violence against his wife, Sally (pregnant at the time)

2008 - Third arrest for possession (cannabis)

2009 - 2010 Incarcerated


2012 - Buddy came to press charge against his wife. Did not proceed

2014 - Rehabilitation center - Austin, Tx

2020 - Interview related to the fire. 

' I don't remember, I was in the living room and you know I had drunk some beers. I don't know where the kids were. Maybe with their mother. She is crazy, maybe it's her who put the house on fire.'

Police Interview

Sally Brooks

(wife of Buddy - mother of George/Tina/Paul)

Interview of the night of the fire:

Sally: 'It was me'

Police Officer: 'What are you talking about?'

S: 'The blaze!'

PO: 'Are you telling the truth?'


PO: 'Why are you shouting?'


Po: 'Why do you smell of fire?'

S: 'I already told you...' 

Police Interview

George Brooks

(son of Buddy and Sally / Brother of Tina and Paul / Grandson of Pearl)

Interview of the night of the fire:

George: 'I don't remember what I was doing that day. I often go out to look at the sky and walk.'

Police Officer: 'At night? Aren't you too young?'

G: 'I'm 13, you know! And, my parents are not the most present, if you know what I mean.'

PO: 'Why are your nails and hands dirty?'

G: 'It was raining yesterday and it is muddy. My shoes are white and I wanted to clean them.' 

PO: 'Why do you smell of fire?'

G: 'Because the house is near our house and it's windy.'

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