Jan 2nd, 1977

Neighbors saved woman

Woman saved by her neighbors

Jan 2nd, 1977



Pearl B., woman aged 29, has been brought to the neighboring hospital after having a hysterical crisis in the middle of Beacon Market.

The woman accused people of watching and spying on her to steal her baby. The woman was pushing an empty pram making people fear she had invented this story about her newborn son.

Witnesses told some journalists on site that her pram was filled with blankets and newspapers but did not see any baby.

The police kindly drove her to a mental hospital facility for her to receive the treatment she apparently needs.

The woman is now at Breitling Mental Hospital, Dallas, Tx.

Chris Fit

Aug 5th, 2020

Tragic fire in Dallas, Tx

House fire kills couple and their pets

August 5th, 2020



A couple and two of their pets have died after a fire engulfed their Dallas home this morning. 

Firefighters found the parents and their pets - unconscious inside the small bungalow-style home on Bear Street just after 9am. 

The parents, Bob F, 47, and his wife Tiffany, 33, were pronounced dead shortly after arriving at Hospital. 

The couple's pets were found dead.

A motorist traveling down the Interstate 70 overpass near the home called 911 after spotting the blaze, Dallas Fire Department Captain Rita Reith said. 

Subsequent 911 calls led crews to the home's exact location in an east-side neighborhood.

Chris Fit

May 13th, 1980

Woman saved by neighbors

Woman saved by her neighbors

May 13th, 1980



Pearl B., woman aged 32, has been found inanimate in her house, on her kitchen floor, yesterday morning.

Her neighbors, Mr and Mrs Bridge got worried after not seeing her in the morning, watering her plants.

‘She is always out, in the garden, at 7 am sharp, so when I didn’t see her, and I told my husband it was strange. At 9 am, we decided to go knock on her door and saw her on the kitchen floor. That’s when we called the police.’ Mrs Bridge said. 

So far, the police told the press it might be a suicide attempt. 

The woman is now, in good hands, at St John’s Hospital, Dallas, Tx.

Chris Fit

Oct 30th, 2020

Police to find the arsonist

Kid suspected in house fire

Oct 30th, 2020



A suspect has been identified as maybe responsible for the tragedy that caused the lives of two persons and their pets late August.

Bob and Tiffany F. had been found inanimate on their house, along with their pets, before unfortunately dying at the hospital.

The suspect, G., is a young teenager. Described as a lonely person, he was seen on CCTV roaming around the house, the night of the blaze.

His behavior aroused suspicions as he was wearing dark clothes, including a hoodie, and that he seemed to be taking pictures with his telephone and enjoying the show.

Jasmine Aziz

June 24th, 2016

Woman found in a house

Woman found in house after overdose

June 24th, 2016



A woman has been found inanimate in a house late last afternoon.

Paramedics found her in her bedroom with her 3 children in the living room, watching TV.

The woman, S., is now at St John’s Hospital, Dallas, Tx.

Chris Fit

Sept 6th, 2020

Police suspect no one

Police have no suspect

Sept 6th, 2020



Captain Rita Reith said no one is yet suspected in the case of the arson causing the death of Bob and Tiffany F. 


They are analyzing CCTV and hope to find someone soon.


Some witnesses have been seen leaving the precinct.

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